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All You’ve Ever Wanted

dripping in…

peace, love, faith, freedom, and Chan Luu.
平和, 愛, しんこう, 自由, でチャンルー.


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Photo Diary – India

A unit outside of New Delhi where we train women craft skills to make a sustainable living!

Chan and I with crafts women embroidering Chan Luu products.

Embroidering Chan Luu Gypsy skirts.

Chan, Nandani and I

Village 2.5 hrs outside of Delhi.

Chan took us on a little side trip to the Taj Mahal!

On our way to the Taj.

Danielle, Chan and I at the Taj.

Victoria, Danielle and I at Itimad Ud Daulah “Baby Taj”

Inside the Baby Taj

We ran into some Chan Luu fans at our hotel.

Working in the factory!

Can’t wait for everyone to see the Fall 2013 Ready to Wear, Scarves, and Accessories!


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In CABO at the Capella Resort & Spa for The Day of the Dead. Met a customer, a designer named Ed who is a ball of fire! Ed told me every time he goes on a date he has a Chan Luu wrap on and his date always takes it from him.

Quote of the day from Ed: “My date rather keep my Chan Luu wrap than keeping me”

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Update in Chan’s World

This photo a map of Africa in front of United Nation Ethical Fashion Initiatives compound in Nairobi. I have been working on a project, collaborating with the United Nation Ethical Fashion Initiative to help poor artisans getting out of poverty with dignity.


A unit outside of New Delhi where we train women craft skills to make a sustainable living!


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2 years ago I was in Chiangmai, Thailand and I visited the Elephant sanctuary where abused elephants are rescued. I adopted a baby elephant that was 4 years old and her name was Famai. A friend of mine, Tony was in Chiangmai last week and  I asked him to go bathe and feed Famai. She’s grown!! Her nickname is Moo meaning Pig, because she LOVES food… just like I do! :)

Famai and I two years ago

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India Design Trip

Here is a peak into our most recent design trip to India.  We had a busy trip, working on new designs for our Fall 2013 collection!  We did however manage to take a day to visit the Taj Mahal in Agra!

We took a horse and carriage ride to the Taj Mahal!



Tessa, myself, Chan, and Danielle in front of the Taj Mahal.


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Mellow moon

rooftops have to be one of my favorite little getaways on days like these, especially when it makes you feel like you can touch the moon. and since autumn has rolled around, i’ve noticed that my accessories are changing color with the leaves! Chan Luu’s subdued stones and chains with a little color are what have been dangling on my wrists lately.

Graduated Grey Mix Wrap Bracelet on Sippa Leather

Gunmetal Chain Bracelet on Neon Yellow Cotton Cord

こんな良い天気の日、おくじょうににげるのが大好き. とくにクリアな日にお月さんさわれる見たい.
そしてあきになって来てはっぱ見たいにつけてるアクセのいろはだんだんかわってきてる. チャンルーのちょっと色が入っておちついたストーンとチェーンなアクセを最近よくつけてる.

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Inspiration from Delhi

At Dilli Haat craft market in Delhi. This is my favorite place to get inspiration from Indian artisans and a fun place to hang out after a day of hard work at the factory.

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