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A Chan Luu Engagement

My best friend Chris Kon just got married……Am thrilled for them!

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Think Pink, Live Green

10月は乳がん撲滅月間で、Chan LuuはThink Pink, Live Greenをスローガンとした




Chan Luu for

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Whats in your bag?

W H A T S  I N  Y O U R  B A G ?

Getting ready for a design trip to India with Chan, Victoria and Danielle. See what’s in my travel bag!

  1. Annabel Ingall Tote
  2. Comme des Garcon wallets.
  3. Olympus E-PL2  Camera. Compact camera, takes great pictures, and has built in photo filters.
  4. ヘマタイト・ペンダントネックレス . Great piece for layering. I wear this every day.
  5. Chan Luu cashmere rose print scarf. Great for traveling! Light, compact and keeps me warm on the plane.
  6. グラデュエイテッド・ヘマタイトラップブレスレット(シッパレザー) .
  7. ピーターサイトミックス・チェーンラップブレスレット(ナチュラルグレーレザー)
  8. Tizo matte tinted sunscreen. Mix with your favorite moisturizer!
  9. Giovanii organic hand sanitizing towelettes. I swear by these.
  10. Currently reading Outliers.
  11. Chan Luu Jewelry pouch. Keeps all of my jewelry untangled and organized. Must have for all travelers!


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Don’t forget your Black and White

I could never live with-out the Black and White greater part of my wardrobe!  It is such a staple in my everyday attire!  Check out some of my top Black and White pieces this week!

Black Mesh Ruched Maxi Skirt



Black Gunmetal Beaded Racerback Blouse

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Haitian Artisans

I was recently in Haiti, training Haitian artisans (under Bush and Clinton Fund ) how to achieve a sustainable commerce , therefore a sustainable life!

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